California elector files suit, joins anti-Trump Electoral College push

California elector files suit, joins anti-Trump Electoral College push
Image: WaPo video screen grab

A Democratic presidential elector from California has filed suit in support of an effort to block Donald Trump’s path to the presidency, the second such lawsuit filed in recent days.

Vinz Koller, chairman of the Monterey County Democratic Party, has become the 10th presidential elector – joining eight other Democrats and one Republican – to lend support to the anti-Trump effort. His lawsuit, filed Friday, seeks to overturn a California statute that requires him and the state’s 54 other members of the Electoral College to support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton when they vote on Dec. 19. A similar lawsuit was filed earlier this week in Colorado by two Democratic electors, Robert Nemanich and Polly Baca.

Their hope is that legal victories help undermine the 29 state laws across the country that force electors to support the winner of their statewide popular vote. Many of those laws apply in states where Republican electors have expressed wariness of Trump but have noted that they’re legally required to vote for him. Koller joins a group that calls itself “Hamilton Electors” and is working to convince at least 37 Republican electors to reject Trump and unite behind an alternative Republican candidate.

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