Rapist immigrant taxi driver who dodged deportation jailed for 18 years

Rapist immigrant taxi driver who dodged deportation jailed for 18 years
Image via GazetteLive

A taxi driver who claimed he was the son of a Taliban leader has been jailed for 18 years for violent rapes.

Ghairat Khan, 26, came to Teesside after he was threatened with deportation in an immigration age row.

He staged a vanishing act after the authorities did not believe his claim that he was a child when he came into the UK in 2005.

Prosecutor Shaun Dodds told Teesside Crown Court that Khan raped his victims a number of times.

He later threatened them by phone and warned he had recruited people who would follow them.

Khan, of Stockton , claimed to be from Afghanistan and only 15 when he arrived in the UK to qualify him for asylum – but the authorities believe that he is from Pakistan and that many of his stories are fanciful.

Police arrested him at Durham Tees Valley Airport as he returned to the UK from Afghanistan on another occasion.

At his five-day trial last month he was assisted by a Pashtu interpreter, and he insisted that the distressed women were lying.

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