Hiring more cops called ‘an act of violence’ against ‘people of color’

Hiring more cops called ‘an act of violence’ against ‘people of color’
Credit: AP/Jose Luis Magana

The mayor of Minneapolis proposed to hire 15 more police officers to help reduce rising crime—but the proposal has become controversial, with one citizen calling it “an act of violence against people of color,” according to a news report from the StarTribune.

With the number of violent crimes increasing throughout Minneapolis, and the number of gun-related injuries up 27%, mayor Betsy Hodges proposed hiring 15 more police officers.

While the Minneapolis city council broadly supports the mayor’s hiring proposal, 27 people voiced strong opposition to the proposal during a recent public hearing.

The overall message from those who spoke at the hearing seems invariably clear: do not hire more police officers.

Some characterized the hiring of more police officers in more controversial terms, including south Minneapolis resident Sam Dun, who said that, “To allow this item to pass is not only an insult to a lot of the folks in this room, but it’s an act of violence against people of color.”

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