Reporter wrong to shoot at ISIS in war zone

Reporter wrong to shoot at ISIS in war zone
A target is born. (Image: Twitter, Jason Buttrill via Military Times)

[Ed. – The critics are correct on this.  Journalists must not turn themselves into combatants.  The second they do, they become legitimate targets.  There will be no way to compel respect for their Geneva convention protection, and no way to provide for independent war reporting.  Yes, that reporting is often biased and infuriating, but the opportunity for it is better than the alternative.]

A Marine veteran turned journalist has been recalled from Iraq after tweeting a picture showing him shooting at ISIS fighters.

On Thursday, Jason Buttrill tweeted a picture of him with a sniper rifle along with the the message: “Major bucket list completed. Shoot at #ISIS ? Check!”

Buttrill also tweeted that he fired six shots at the enemy.  “ISIS looked like ants on that scope, but…my USMC PMI [primary marksmanship instructor] was exceptional.” …

Journalists such as Marine veteran C.J. Chivers of the New York Times criticized that Buttrill for becoming a combatant. …

War correspondent Michael Yon, who took part in a firefight in Iraq in 2005, condemned Buttrill as a combatant using journalism as a cover.

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