Istanbul: Twin explosions near stadium kill 15, injure 69

Istanbul: Twin explosions near stadium kill 15, injure 69
Turkey keeps burning. (File photo from Sep 2015) (Image via FrontPage)

[Ed. – Earlier reporting spoke of 20 injured, but this update now indicates fatalities.  Keep in mind, the quality of reporting out of Turkey has taken a real hit in the last few months, with Erdogan’s crackdowns on independent media. Even in Istanbul, and even with major media, access is now a problem.]

A senior Turkish official who can’t be named due to government protocol has told reporters that 15 people are dead and 69 wounded following the twin blasts in Istanbul on Saturday. …

The explosions, one large blast followed by a smaller one, occurred after a football game, CNN Turk reported.

Authorities have not said if there were any fatalities, but Turkish President Erdogan confirmed “we have injured citizens and martyrs, unfortunately” in a televised address broadcast on CNN Turk.

The first explosion at Macka Park is considered a suicide attack,Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said, according to Anadolu. He didn’t say what caused the second explosion, which occurred near Besiktas Vodafone Arena. The two locations are less than a mile apart.

Soylu had earlier said a car bomb was the source of an explosion, according to Turkish state news agency TRT. However, it wasn’t clear to which blast he was referring.

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