‘Fake news’ Queen: Hillary’s 8 top tunes

‘Fake news’ Queen: Hillary’s 8 top tunes

[Ed. – Notice how “the video made them do it” doesn’t even have to be #1.]

Clinton told D.C. lawmakers this week that they need to act on “fake news.” Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering reported:

“The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year — it’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences,” Clinton said. “This isn’t about politics or bipartisanship. Lives are at risk.”

Clinton called for Congress to pass legislation to stop it and for tech moguls in Silicon Valley to continue searching for a way to block it from entering readers’ Facebook and Twitter feeds. …

Yet Clinton is not an authority on fighting “fake news” — only an expert in spreading it. Here are some of the biggest whoppers she sold the American people during her ill-fated political career.

1. “Landing Under Sniper Fire” …

2. Her grandmother was an immigrant…

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