California rep pushes bill requiring rape charges to appear on college transcripts

California rep pushes bill requiring rape charges to appear on college transcripts
Jackie Speier (Image: YouTube screen grab via Roll Call)

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) on Thursday proposed the Safe Transfer Act, a bill that would require a student’s rape charges to appear on their college transcript for five years following the resolution of their disciplinary hearings. If a student transfers schools while their case is still pending, the case would still remain on their transcript for a year.

If the legislation succeeds, it would be a huge victory for those fighting to end campus sexual assault, as only two states — Virginia and New York — currently require colleges to indicate a student’s rape charges on their transcript.

Many people have slammed the disciplinary process of campus assault cases, maintaining that it favors accusers and destroys the lives of young men. But Speier pointed out that, in truth, many students facing sexual assault allegations will walk away relatively unscathed — even if they are found guilty.

“Universities and colleges are perfectly willing to include academic infractions like plagiarism on students’ records, yet students who have committed sexual assault can walk away from campus with a clean academic bill of health,” Speier said in a statement, BuzzFeed reported.

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