ATF sting nails grenade-making ring in Texas

ATF sting nails grenade-making ring in Texas
A Mexican soldier, holding RPG-7 launcher parts, inspects weapons confiscated from the Zetas cartel during an armed forces operation in 2012. (Image via Small Wars Journal)

[Ed. – One of the worst things about this is that the implications are appalling, regardless of which side of the border the grenade IEDs were expected to be used on.  It speaks very, very poorly of everything about our security posture, if cartel criminals thought the U.S. would be a more convenient place than Mexico to assemble improvised grenades.]

A Tuesday raid conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as well as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement netted six individuals in Texas, including one who was in the country illegally, all for manufacturing grenades and selling them to undercover agents. …

This definitely wasn’t a minor-league operation, either. …

“During the course of this investigation, ATF and HSI special agents discovered Montoya and Vega allegedly obtained the grenades from Gonzalez and Sanchez-Torres. The complaint also alleges that for about six months, Gonzalez purchased from a combination of online merchants and local stores all the components necessary to construct dozens of improvised hand grenades, including grenade hulls, spring kits, fuses and black powder. The assembled ‘live’ hand grenades were then turned over to Sanchez-Torres to be distributed, according to the allegations.”

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