Rogue electors want to use John Kasich to start an electoral crisis with

Rogue electors want to use John Kasich to start an electoral crisis with

[Ed. – I think Matt Vespa is right about this: there’s no way Kasich, a conventionally sensible man, would participate.  Some of the New Idiocy is kind of entertaining, but some of it is just…annoying.]

Well, they’re going to use that money to file lawsuit against the binding Electoral College laws in 29 states. For some, electors have to vote in accordance to how their states went in the presidential election. Electors who go rogue could face legal trouble. Moreover, that person would be removed from the slate of electors and replaced with someone who will abide by the state’s election laws. As written, it’s a fruitless exercise, as is this hail marry attempt to block Trump.

This group, called Hamilton Electors is trying to peel 37 Republican delegates away from Trump. They also reportedly have eight Democratic electors who are ready to bolt from Clinton. The consensus alternative for these people is Ohio Gov. John Kasich. …

There is no way Ohio Gov. John Kasich will dabble with this, as the likelihood of it becoming a full blown constitutional crisis is pretty much assured. …

Second, a Republican Congress, in this scenario where it goes to the House is going to vote for Kasich over Trump? No way. Republican congressmen would have to change their names, hide in bunkers, and eat K-rations for the remainder of their lives, as they would be under siege by their angry constituents.

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