Ohio man sentenced to 30 years for attack plot on U.S. Capitol; says ‘Allah is in control’ to judge

Ohio man sentenced to 30 years for attack plot on U.S. Capitol; says ‘Allah is in control’ to judge
Christopher Lee Cornell, ISIS fanboy. (Mugshot via Cincinnati.com)

[Ed. – You’ve probably never heard of this guy, unless you live in Ohio.  He was involved in a plot against Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address.  You can probably imagine circumstances under which you would have heard a lot more about him.  In light of these points, a common theme in commentary on Obama’s 2015 SOTU is…ironic.]

Christopher Lee Cornell’s plot to attack the U.S. Capitol last year was the product of a lonely and depressed 20-year-old with the mind of a teenager who was trying to impress an FBI informant, his attorneys say.

The Green Township man, they say, was easily influenced by the Islamic State propaganda and conspiracy theories he read online.

“Chris lived a fantasy life behind a computer screen,” attorney Candace Crouse wrote in a memorandum filed in advance of Cornell’s sentencing Monday in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati. Prosecutors have asked Judge Sandra Beckwith to send him to prison for 30 years. …

Now 22, Cornell became a target of federal authorities in 2014, when according to court documents he began expressing support on Twitter for the Islamic State terror group. He talked about waging “jihad under our own orders.” He celebrated beheadings and terror attacks. And he ultimately plotted with the unnamed informant to travel to Washington, D.C. and attack the U.S. Capitol during President Barack Obama’s January 2015 State of the Union address.

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