Humor? WaPo prints poem on dropping Trump out of an airplane to his death

Humor? WaPo prints poem on dropping Trump out of an airplane to his death

[Ed. – Appropos its other articles, as noted here.]

CNN apologized for a producer who made a distasteful joke about Donald Trump’s plane crashing. No one should expect The Washington Post will apologize for their Sunday magazine “humorist” Gene Weingarten writing poetry about the delight of dropping Trump out of an airplane to his death.

Weingarten reported that since The Washington Post Magazine has a three-week lead time, this was the first column he wrote after Trump won the election. “First I tried to imagine what a Trump administration would look like. Would there be a ‘Department of Taunting Hispanics’? Would the White House press corps be renamed the White House press corpse? As you can see, mirth has been difficult to muster, because there’s a thing in my head that is screaming, ‘This is not a joke!’”

Then he decided to write jokey poetry instead — about a dead president-elect. In the last poem of several lame ones, Weingarten was joking about how Donald and Melania Trump were debating how they would drop $1,000 bills to the people below, in $100 bills or $50 bills, and then Hillary offered a well, Final Solution….

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