Bodies left to rot as Aleppo cemeteries run out of room to bury dead

Bodies left to rot as Aleppo cemeteries run out of room to bury dead
Image: Sky News video screen grab

Bodies are being left to rot on the streets or buried in backyards in the Syrian city of Aleppo because there is no room left in the cemeteries.

Officials said a graveyard opened last year was already full while the old cemetery had reached capacity even before the bloody civil war began four years ago.

Since the conflict has intensified, residents have had to resort to desperate measures to bury their dead.

Medical officials have said it is impossible to dig graves because it is too dangerous with Syrian troops attacking rebel-held areas.

They also said ambulances and rescue vehicles cannot reach people because they have been targeted or fuel has run out.

The head of the local forensic authority, Mohammed Abu Jaafar said: “We have no more room. I have 20 to 25 bodies from different parts of Aleppo that we don’t know where to bury.

“Even if I were to consider mass burials, I don’t have the machines to do the digging.”

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