‘Adulting school’ helping 20-somethings grow up at long last

‘Adulting school’ helping 20-somethings grow up at long last

I’m thankful for the way my parents raised me. Not only did my dad teach me how to hunt, fish, camp, use hand and power tools and many other male related tasks, but my mom also taught me many other skills….

My parents also taught me about hard work, good work ethics and how to keep track of the money I earned….

I’ve carried that work ethic all through my life but have noticed that so many younger adults today can’t take care of themselves in many facets of life….

Since so many parents are failing to properly raise their kids to grow up to be responsible and self-maintaining adults, a teacher (Katie Brunelle) and psychotherapist (Rachel Weinstein) in Portland, Maine have launched The Adulting School. Their online program is helping young 20-something adults learn how to grow up and be real adults. They teach things like time management, financial basics, health and wellness, relationships and communication and how to make and fix things using hand and power tools. They even have a quiz to test someone’s ‘adulting IQ’.

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