Trumpcare will be better than Obamacare if…

Trumpcare will be better than Obamacare if…

Trump may be a disaster on trade, immigration, foreign policy, free speech, reproductive rights, civil liberties and numerous other issues. But there are some areas where he might actually be an improvement over the status quo. One of them is health care — and Rep. Tom Price, his pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services, is a perfect indication of that, I note in my column at The Week.

As Peter Suderman has already pointed out, he is the only Republican who has worked out a detailed replacement plan for Obamacare and translated it into an actual bill called the Empowering Patients First Act. In broad-brush strokes, the bill will scrap the individual mandate and insurance subsidies to low income folks who don’t qualify for Medicaid. And it’ll replace them with universal tax credits for everyone not covered by their employers.

You can get the low-down on the plan in my column here.

It’s a good plan, in my opinion, but it’ll face a very rough road ahead.

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