Katy Perry’s sad rant: Trump’s win ‘triggered’ me, ‘frightened like a child’

Katy Perry’s sad rant: Trump’s win ‘triggered’ me, ‘frightened like a child’
Image: YouTube screen grab via KatyPerryVEVO

Perry’s post [on Instagram] was a declaration of gratitude containing all the necessary ingredients for a Hollywood soapbox, including how Hillary is the only politician that cares about humanitarian causes…. She also made a promise to use her celebrity platform to “fight” for whatever it is the Left is actually hoping to accomplish (i.e. probably the extinction of those racist and intolerant Republicans)….

The singer discussed her traumatic experience on Election Night, recalling “the results triggered a lot of dormant fears and emotions.” Perry also noted that she felt “vulnerable, confused and frightened like a child.”

By use of the word “triggered,” we can see that this situation is serious. In fact, I truly do understand that she was confused. Her CNN app had been telling her for weeks that Clinton was going to sweep on Election Day…. As to that feeling of “vulnerability” and being “frightened like a child” — I suppose that comes along with the unfamiliarity celebrities experience when they don’t get what they want.

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