Driver smashes into multiple cars, blames devil

Driver smashes into multiple cars, blames devil
Image: WILX video screen grab

[Ed. – The devil made him do it.]

A man drove his pick-up off a highway ramp, smashed into parked cars, and hit cars driving down Lake Lansing Road.

“At first I thought he swerved off the road like normal but then I saw him continue so I assumed that there was something wrong with him,” Cel Bernal, a cook at the café who saw the entire incident unfold.

Bernal was waiting for his shift to begin Wednesday when out of nowhere, a pickup truck drove off the northbound US-127 highway ramp smashing into parked cars outside the café.

“He was coming pretty fast at least 60 miles an hour,” said Bernal. “The way the fence is you can see he jumped on top of it, it crumbled, and he just continued to roll through,” said Bernal.

Like others in the parking lot, Bernal couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Everyone was pretty scared especially once he got out the car and you could see his facial expressions that he was just laughing and smiling,” said Bernal.

The cafe’s delivery van took a direct hit but it didn’t stop there.

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