Liberal: Ohio State hero cop rushed to judgment in killing terrorist on campus

Liberal: Ohio State hero cop rushed to judgment in killing terrorist on campus
(Image: Screen grab of Fox News video)

[Ed. – We should all take an oath to never, ever rush to judgment if we happen to be armed, in her vicinity, when a terrorist is stabbing Ms. Konst.]

Officer Horujko saved lives that day. He’s a hero, but some of the Left ran with the initial reported that Artan was armed with a firearm. It prompted former Clinton running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) to step in it by tweeting about the “senseless act of gun violence” at OSU; he later corrected following the new reports. Yet, liberal commentator for Fox News Nomiki Konst said on Megyn Kelly’s show on Tuesday that maybe Officer Horujko rushed to judgment during this possible terrorist attack. Dana Loesch was also a guest (via The Blaze/Sara Gonzalez):

Konst’s response left both Kelly and Loesch stunned.“Senator Kaine should not have rushed to judgment, should have waited for the facts to come in, as should have the police that were there who ended up shooting — who we now know — is someone who aligned himself with ISIS,” Konst said.

Kelly interrupted her response to clarify: “Did you say the police should have exercised more self-control?”

Konst continued: “They want to make sure the attacker is still alive so they can question him.” She maintained that the police officer should have shot to injure the terrorist and not kill him. …


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