‘I’m mad as hell…’: Understanding anger in the Donald Trump era

‘I’m mad as hell…’: Understanding anger in the Donald Trump era

[Ed. – It’s called ‘impotent rage.’ Ask conservatives about it. They’ve been living with it for eight years.]

The Thanksgiving turkey has been served, and with any luck, you made it through the family meal without getting into a vicious fight with your Trump-loving uncle. Or maybe you ignored all of the advice columns and let him have it. As we headed into the holiday weekend we heard an endless series of advice about how to avoid a post-election family meltdown…. But those columns focus on helping us navigate four difficult days. They are of virtually no use for those of us trying to figure out how to make it through four difficult years.

We have heard that the word of the year is “post-truth,” but perhaps most importantly, the mood of the year is anger. The post-truth world takes on frightening proportions because it is wrapped in anger. That means it’s time to do some anger management.

But here’s the catch. Anger management in the Trump era is no longer a call to settle down and be civil.

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