Iceland’s Pirate Party given mandate to form a government

Iceland’s Pirate Party given mandate to form a government
Image: Radu Bercan/Shutterstock

[Ed. – 2016 rocks on.  The Pirates came in third in the recent election, but the top two vote-getters have been unable to cobble together governing coalitions.  Remember this, grasshoppers, when you get to eyeing parliamentary governments with envy.  The American system is better.]

Pirate MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir has been formally mandated by the President of Iceland to form a government following recent general elections, it has just been announced.

Jónsdóttir was summoned to the presidential residential of Bessastaðir at 4pm to meet Iceland’s President Jóhannesson. After the short meeting, Jóhannesson announced to journalists that Jónsdóttir was his next choice to attempt to put together a majority coalition.

The Pirate Party came third in the general elections held over a month ago, and Jónsdóttir is the third party representative to receive this presidential mandate.

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