Huh? Hillary Clinton has gone from presidential hopeful to ‘wandering folk hero’?

Huh? Hillary Clinton has gone from presidential hopeful to ‘wandering folk hero’?
Image: YouTube screen grab (via wochit News)

[Ed. – Dems must have really taken the loss hard.]

Hillary Clinton may not be the president-elect millions of Americans had hoped for. But in the days since her surprising loss to Donald Trump, millennials including 31-year-old Adam Parkhomenko have bestowed another honor on the former secretary of state via social media — one claimed by only Bill Murray before her: wandering folk hero.

Clinton’s post-election arc began on November 10, when New Yorker Margot Gerster Instagrammed a photo of herself and the Democratic nominee — whom she bumped into on a hike in Chappaqua, New York. The picture proved to be a sign of encouragement to Democrats — still stunned, distraught, and in disbelief over the Trump upset — that Clinton had not let the election heartbreak keep her down.

That photo quickly went viral, and in the weeks since Trump’s election win, a few other images of Clinton post-election have cropped up on the Internet — posing with supporters in book stores, supermarkets, and the walking trails of New York.

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