Electors form 527 non-profit, to raise money to get other electors to go rogue against Trump

Electors form 527 non-profit, to raise money to get other electors to go rogue against Trump
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Project Veritas)

[Ed. – In the spirit of Jill Stein: “Um, wait.  Back on that ‘raising money’ part…”  Trump said he’d repair the economy, but who knew it would be by spinning off a whole anti-Trump/anti-vote/anti-Constitution industry?]

Still, this ragtag group of electors filed their 527 papers with the Colorado Secretary of States office to raise cash in an effort to convince enough GOP electors to support another candidate. Yeah, you’d have to be on bath salts to think this is ever going to work (via Denver Post):

An upstart group of Electoral College voters have formed a political non-profit organization to fund a campaign to deny Donald Trump the presidency. …

The paperwork filed Tuesday with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office creates a “527” group, which can raise unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and labor unions for political activities.

Dubbed the “Hamilton Electors,” the group is seeking to convince enough Republican electors to support a third-party candidate that it would either force an Electoral College deadlock, or elect a different candidate entirely. …

Stop. Just stop it already. This group is setting up the foundations for “a legal defense fund”? Are you guys, sick? Also, are you aware that a significant amount of states have laws against faithless electors?

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