Merkel responds to growing threat to Germany by spying more on Germans

Merkel responds to growing threat to Germany by spying more on Germans
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[Ed. – Yes, she’s expanding the external intelligence effort too.  But, hey, knock yourself out in that regard, Madame Chancellor.  It’s a different proposition to increase domestic surveillance.  It’s not just part of an overall increase in the intelligence effort.  It’s a change in the relationship of the German state to the German citizen.  If you find that that’s increasingly the answer to your policy problems — you’re doing something wrong.]

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed plans to rapidly expand the scope and size of Germany’s intelligence services including its domestic spy agency.

Citing cyber attacks and the ongoing situations in Syria and Ukraine, the German Chancellor made the case that the intelligence agencies must cooperate with each other and with their international counterparts to counter what she believes are new threats to Germany, reports Die Presse.

“The cooperation between our own intelligence services needs to be further strengthened,” Merkel said Monday in Berlin on the day marking the 60th anniversary since the creation of the Federal Intelligence Agency (BND), the foreign intelligence department. She also highlighted plans for expansion of the domestic intelligence service known as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) which monitors groups thought to be threats to Germany’s democracy.

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