The manly thing Trump does that drives the media crazy

The manly thing Trump does that drives the media crazy

The media is [sic] having a red-faced meltdown. No matter how hard they try, President-elect Donald Trump just won’t apologize early often enough.

They say he is supposed to apologize for any and every fringe nutcase who might support him — really, so often that everything he says would sound like addenda to the apologies.

I could say Trump is channeling a line from one of our most enduring manly icons, John Wayne, in the 1949 classic Western She Wore a Yellow Ribbon: “Never apologize. It’s a sign of weakness.”

But a man should apologize for a real mistake he makes and Trump has apologized — just not as vociferously as some would like.

What the mainstream media don’t get is that a man (and by “man” I mean a mature person) should apologize once.

The apology should be sincere. If it’s not sincere, then shame on the apology maker, as he is a liar. But once the apology is given, it’s done. The apologizer should have learned from it and risen beyond the mistake.

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