Association of professors endorses sanctuary campus movement

Association of professors endorses sanctuary campus movement

The American Association of University Professors has endorsed the “sanctuary campus” movement seeking to provide illegal immigrant students protection from immigration officials.

AAUP’s national council approved a resolution Tuesday confirming their endorsement of the movement and used it as an opportunity to speak out against the apparent increase in “hate crimes” since Donald Trump’s election.

Indeed, the AAUP contends that “an unprecedented spike in hate crimes, both physical and verbal, many of them on college and university campuses” has already occurred in the wake of Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

“These have been directed against African-Americans, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community, religious minorities, women, and people with disabilities. In some instances the perpetrators have invoked the president-elect in support of their heinous actions,” the statement continues before condemning “these attacks” and calling on university administrators to “unite against them.”

While the statement then concedes that all students “may seek knowledge freely,” invoking the school’s 1994 statement on freedom of expression, it also asserts that “the free exchange of ideas is incompatible with an atmosphere of fear.”

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