A vanquished press fails to comprehend its defeat by Trump

A vanquished press fails to comprehend its defeat by Trump

I was prompted to examine the Obama record through the eyes of one of his most articulate supporters by my sharpish exchange with the editor of the New Yorker, David Remnick, on Fareed Zakaria’s television program two weeks ago. Mr. Remnick said that he thought he was “hallucinating” when he heard me say that Donald Trump is neither a racist nor a sexist, and I replied that I had a similar sensation when I saw President Obama in the ten days before the election telling large crowds that Trump was an admirer of the Ku Klux Klan.

I looked at Remnick’s very lengthy review of the Obama presidency and description of the president’s response to Trump’s election in the New Yorker of November 28. Mr. Remnick makes no secret of his unwavering and unlimited admiration for the president. The grief-stricken elegies of Abraham Lincoln, even unto Henry Ward Beecher, the toadying chronicles of the great liberal hallelujah chorus for Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the mawkish potboilers mass-produced by the Kennedy entourage could be ransacked in vain to find a rival to the body of Mr. Remnick’s works of ultra-secular canonization in laudation of Barack Obama.

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