Persian Gulf nations concerned about missing ‘radioactive device’ from Iran’s Bushehr reactor

Persian Gulf nations concerned about missing ‘radioactive device’ from Iran’s Bushehr reactor

[Ed. – This doesn’t exactly speak well of Iran’s nuclear security.  Apparently the device was being driven somewhere in a car, which right off the bat is pretty stupid.  The media aren’t being either coy or inarticulate, referring to it as a “device.”  They’re going by what has been disclosed about the missing item through IAEA — which refers to it as a “device.”  That’s protocol for IAEA’s UN monitoring role.  Read up on IAEA’s official list of “radioactive devices” in this document.  According to al-Arabiya, the device is one that would have been in “industrial” use, which narrows it down.  A summary list starts on p. 128 of the document.]

A missing radioactive device from the Bushehr nuclear reactor has raised concerns of possible misuse or incorrect handling.

The device went missing after the vehicle it was transporting it was stolen. The car was later found but without the device that could be used for industrial purposes.

Adnan al-Tamimi, Chairman of the GCC Emergency Management Center, voiced his concerns that the missing device could be misused. He stated the device loses half of its power after 74 days of inactivity; nonetheless it should be handled carefully.

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Tamimi told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that, along with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), there are concerns of negative impact of the Iranian nuclear program that could pollute the waters of the Arabian Gulf. …

According to Tamimi, low safety and security levels at Bushehr raise many concerns along with Iran’s ambiguity about the matter.

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