German court: Not all Syrian migrants are legitimate asylum-seekers

German court: Not all Syrian migrants are legitimate asylum-seekers
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[Ed. – This could have far-reaching implications, with the Merkel government rapidly losing popular legitimacy.  More and more Germans are motivated to try to make something out of such a ruling.]

A German court has made a landmark ruling saying that not all Syrians who arrive in Germany should be afforded full asylum status as they may not be politically persecuted if they return to Syria.

The ruling, by the Higher Administrative Court in the region of Schleswig, confirms the current practice of the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) who have been subject to over 30,000 lawsuits from migrants demanding full asylum status, reports German paper Zeit. …

Of the 30,000 who have made complaints against BAMF for full asylum status, some 2,600 have been successful. Many of those suing the government have been granted what is known as subsidiary protection. This ensures that the migrants cannot be deported back to their home countries, but prevents family reunification from occurring in the near future.

The ruling goes against the conventional notion that all Syrians fleeing the Syrian civil war are legitimate refugees. This assertion was rocked earlier this year when reports came out that revealed supposed asylum seekers were going on holiday to the countries they had fled – including Syrian ‘refugees’ vacationing in Syria.

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