Dems wonder if ‘identity politics’ did them in

Dems wonder if ‘identity politics’ did them in
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton Speeches Events)

Some Democrats are beginning to openly wonder if identity politics did them in on election day, and left them watching Donald Trump and congressional Republicans win the White House and keep control of Congress.

The soul-searching seems likely to continue for months, possibly right up until the next election. But less than two weeks after their unexpected election day results, some are saying Democrats might be focusing too much on urban minorities and the targeting of various blocs, while ignoring the economic plight of working class votes in rural areas that the GOP overwhelmingly carried to victory.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who nearly clinched the Democratic nomination himself, expressed this idea openly over the weekend, and seemed to pin the blame directly on Hillary Clinton for ignoring millions of potential voters who might be willing to call the Democratic Party home, despite declining to mention her by name.

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