Universities offer tips for having a ‘green’ Thanksgiving

Universities offer tips for having a ‘green’ Thanksgiving

Several universities are providing students with guidelines on sustainable Thanksgiving practices so that they may combat climate change and reduce their environmental impact over the holiday.

Harvard University, for instance, shared 5 tips from its EcoOpportunity Team for hosting a “green Thanksgiving,” such as using reusable dinnerware rather than paper plates.

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“Not only is it better, but who likes cutting turkey with a plastic knife and hoping the gravy won’t soak through the paper plate?” the guide quips.

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In order to have a green Thanksgiving, students must also forgo the usual holiday gluttony and “eat mindfully” as well as regulating their intake of turkey and non-organic food.

“The meat industry is the number one source of methane gas, which is a major contributor to climate change,” Tip #4 reads. “Another major environmental impact of a meat-eating diet is the depletion of natural resources.”

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