How the Thanksgiving Day Parade helped this couple fall in love

How the Thanksgiving Day Parade helped this couple fall in love
Image: 20th Century Fox

Talk about getting blown away by love.

Three years ago, Kaitlin Kabrich and Richie Buran met while training to be balloon handlers for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now they’re preparing to march in their fourth parade, shopping for engagement rings and talking about they kids they’ll have together and take to watch the procession someday.

“I liked him immediately,” Kabrich, 32, a visual merchandiser at Macy’s, told The Post. “We just clicked.”

The two first locked eyes at a balloon-handling training session for parade volunteers in September of 2013. During a break, Kabrich asked Buran to join her for a snack. They ended up spending hours at a nearby diner after the training.

Their first date was exactly one week later, taking in a vintage circus on Governors Island.

“It was almost like we were a couple from Day 1,” said Buran, 36, a freelance artist and model-maker. “We would go on dates that just never ended.”

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