5 heartwarming stories to share this Thanksgiving

5 heartwarming stories to share this Thanksgiving

In the aftermath of the election, the liberal media are concerned that your Thanksgiving dinner table will be a scene of stress and contention.

One Washington Post headline warned, “Fight, Flight or Drink: Surviving Thanksgiving When You Hate How Your Family Voted.” The New York Times offered a set of nineteen questions to ask “loved ones who voted the other way.” Examples such as “Do you still like me?” and “Do you think I’m racist or sexist?” perfectly highlighted the ad hominem tenor of politics this year.

But MRC Culture reporters Sarah Stites and Katie Yoder have another option for you. On this week’s AlliKat Show, they provide some alternative topics of conversation that are sure to touch your heart.

After reading the following five stories, they hope you’ll be reminded of what’s most important this holiday season.

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