More ‘Trump hate crimes’ turn out to be hoaxes

More ‘Trump hate crimes’ turn out to be hoaxes
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[Ed. – I officially don’t believe we’ve had even one Trump-inspired “hate crime.”  Nothing credible proves otherwise.]

At Massachusetts’ Williams College, two students admitted to trashing the school’s Griffin Hall with a “red wood-stain substance resembling blood” and spelled out “AMKKK KILL.”

The Williams Record reports that the duo did it “to bring attention to the potential impact of the presidential election on campus.” …

Williams President Adam Falk did not immediately inform the campus upon learning of the incident, saying “[p]olice determined that the vandalism, while abhorrent, did not create an immediate danger, nor did it constitute a specific threat toward any individuals or groups.” …

Once the investigation identified the two responsible, Falk noted in a follow-up email that the culprits’ use of “’AMKKK’ was an alternative spelling of America used to reference racism in American society.” …

The Record says the two will face disciplinary action, but doesn’t specify what.

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