Hypocrisy much? Hamilton cast members haven’t voted in years

Hypocrisy much? Hamilton cast members haven’t voted in years
Image: Daily Mail video screen grab

Some members of the cast of Hamilton, who delivered a message to Vice President-elect Mike Pence about their fears of the new administration, have abstained from voting for years, records show.

There are no records available for this year, so it’s unclear if the cast members voted in 2016, but years prior show many were absent on Election Day.

The Broadway smash hit players caused a controversy after Brandon Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr, read the message to Pence, who arrived on Friday to taken in the show with his family.

Audience members booed Pence as he entered the theater and after the cast’s curtain call, the statement was read.

Dixon’s message was written by show creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, director, Thomas Kail and lead producer, Jeffrey Seller, according to the New York Times.

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