U. of Texas hosts ‘Therapy Wall’ to share election grief – and it’s full of profanity

U. of Texas hosts ‘Therapy Wall’ to share election grief – and it’s full of profanity
Image: The College Fix

When University of Texas-Austin students wanted to protest the state’s new campus-carry law, they marched with dildos to question lawmakers’ priorities.

But they had a more sober response to the election of Republican Donald Trump, which has provoked existential fear on campus.

The student government created a “Therapy Wall” in the Student Activity Center Wednesday for students to properly express themselves in a therapeutic manner.

Many of those expressions posted on the wall when The College Fix visited it Thursday consisted of profanity. A spokesperson for the administration said it is “not taking any of them down.”

The Therapy Wall follows other post-election therapeutic services offered by elite universities and faculty: a “Cry In” at Cornellpuppies and coloring books at the University of Pennsylvania and exams that were postponed or made optional so students could talk through their anxieties.

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