Are you feeling guilty yet, Donald Trump supporters?

Are you feeling guilty yet, Donald Trump supporters?

[Ed. – Does Erika D. Smith feel guilty yet for voting for Obama?]

Dear supporters of Donald Trump,

I know it’s only been a few days, but are you by chance starting to feel guilty about your vote for president? I wasn’t going to ask – really, I wasn’t – but the oddest thing just keeps happening to me.

It started shortly after Election Day with my Uber driver. I climbed into the front seat of his black sedan and he smiled politely. We weren’t going far, but somehow, the talk quickly turned to Trump.

“I admit, I voted for him,” he said sheepishly, briefly meeting my eyes. “I just care about the economy.” I nodded, too tired to get into a debate.

Then there was the guy who chatted me up during a weekend getaway to Reno. “All this racist, sexist stuff,” he said, waving his wrinkled white hand dismissively. “It’s just been hyped up by the media. You’ll see. I voted for him. Obamacare just needs to go.”

Again, I nodded, trying to be understanding.

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