The women who voted for Trump are people, not props

The women who voted for Trump are people, not props
Trump rally in Tampa, FL, Oct 2016. (Image: Screen grab of YouTube video posted by Bud Meyers)

As America recovers from last week’s shock election results that ended with a President-elect Donald Trump, the finger pointing is in full swing. If there’s someone poised to pick up a large share of the blame, it’s the white women who voted 53% for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump got a larger share of Latino and black voters than Mitt Romney or John McCain. Yet the story isn’t Hillary Clinton not being able to secure as much of their vote as Barack Obama. The story of the election is that Trump got a majority of the white woman vote. The blame game is strong. “How could they?” people wonder.

It’s a fair question. Many things that Trump said about women were offensive. But it’s strange that people focus only on women being offended. Trump said many offensive things about many people, including men. We don’t wonder how shorter men could have voted for him when he called Marco Rubio little. Why should women be insulted on behalf of other women more than men are on behalf of other men?

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