I take this election personally

I take this election personally
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[Ed. – World’s smallest violin, please.]

I take the election of Donald Trump personally not just because my candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost. I take this election personally not because Clinton was a dear friend, a classmate at Yale Law School. I take this election personally not just because it feels like the last best chance for someone of my generation — who fought the wars of Second Wave feminism — to break that final glass ceiling in national politics.

I take this election personally because of how Trump won and what it legitimized. He won despite comments demeaning women in general, and Clinton in particular. He won after demonizing Muslims, immigrants, and black people. This is “just talk,’ some may say — not what he really felt. Or better yet, others will dismiss this as being “politically correct,” code for “don’t take it seriously.”

I was a civil rights and criminal defense lawyer before I became a judge. The tools of exclusion against women and minorities were words — words that discouraged workplace participation, words that mocked their intelligence and their commitment.

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