Obama comforted devastated staff after Trump victory

Obama comforted devastated staff after Trump victory

President Obama personally comforted members of his White House staff after President-elect Trump pulled off a historic upset in the election last week, when many aides found themselves stunned by Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton.

In a post-election interview with the New Yorker, Obama discussed his belief that social media and sensationalized news had robbed political discourse of facts, a phenomenon to which he partially attributed the rise of Trump.

“An explanation of climate change from a Nobel Prize-winning physicist looks exactly the same on your Facebook page as the denial of climate change by somebody on the Koch brothers’ payroll,” Obama said.

“And the capacity to disseminate misinformation, wild conspiracy theories, to paint the opposition in wildly negative light without any rebuttal — that has accelerated in ways that much more sharply polarize the electorate and make it very difficult to have a common conversation.”

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