There’s a bisexual wage gap, too

There’s a bisexual wage gap, too
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It’s long been known that groups facing discrimination outside the workplace—women, gay men, blacks, and latinos—tend to get paid less. Now there’s evidence of a bisexual pay gap as well, according to the findings of a new study from the American Sociological Review. And, unlike other pay gaps, parts of which can be explained away by factors such as working fewer hours or having kids, this one isn’t as easy to explain.

Drawing from two nationally representative samples of over 10,000 people1 , the study found a 7 percent to 28 percent wage gap for bisexual women and an 11 percent to 19 percent wage gap for bisexual men, when compared to their heterosexual counterparts. “The findings are suggestive of discrimination,” said Trenton D. Mize, a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University, the study’s author. “Because I’ve accounted for all the reasonable explanations for why we have that gap.”

Previous studies have identified wage gaps for gay men. Some studies put it at 5 percent, others (PDF) at 10 percent. Similar studies have found that lesbians, on the other hand, make more than heterosexual women.

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