At global Internet conference, China urges tech firms to police the Web

At global Internet conference, China urges tech firms to police the Web
Or -- go ahead and mess with it. It's time.

[Ed. – Sounding for all the world like the current demon chorus in the U.S. yeowling about “fake news.”]

Picture an internet where tech companies are deputized as crime-fighters, where censors keep radical views in check and where governments work together to achieve global order in cyberspace.

That is China’s vision, and its third-annual World Internet Conference that ended Friday was aimed at proselytizing that view to tech executives and government leaders who assembled here from around the world.

China’s efforts to promote its concept of the internet had fresh resonance as Western minds now debate whether social media sites should screen out fake news, or if smartphone makers should help police gain access to the secrets locked away in the devices of suspected criminals.

As U.S. tech companies wring their hands over their social responsibilities, China presents a clear-cut alternative: nothing outweighs national security interests, as defined by the country’s top leaders.

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