Reminder: Proposed DNC chair suggested 9/11 attack was a false-flag op

Reminder: Proposed DNC chair suggested 9/11 attack was a false-flag op

[Ed. – Among other things.  Mr. Ellison is a fringe leftist — with similarities to Van Jones, although Ellison is a Muslim — and embraces the usual laundry-list of far-left beliefs and causes.]

Some Democrats are understandably worried that their ‘crippling‘ focus on identity politics and divisive culture war crusades have contributed to their electoral collapse.  Picking Ellison would represent a double-down.  But it’s not just his reliably left-wing voting record that has critics crying foul.  The man who may well succeed the hapless Debbie Wasserman Schultz as permanent chair of the Democratic Party has dabbled in 9/11 trutherism, offering up conspiratorial language about the 2001 terrorist attacks.  …  [H]e…compar[es] 9/11 to the Reichstag fire, which is an extremely loaded historical allusion…

What was the Reichstag fire? …

The Nazis exploited the burning of the German Parliament in Berlin — quite possibly an act of arson they themselves orchestrated — as a pretext to jail and purge their domestic opponents in the lead-up to Adolf Hitler’s historically evil dictatorship.  If you follow Ellison’s “logic” in drawing this parallel, Bush is Hitler, and the true perpetrators of 9/11 are at best unclear, and at worst the Bush administration itself.

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