Facebook users say they need a vacation … from Facebook

Facebook users say they need a vacation … from Facebook

[Ed. – Life imitates ‘South Park’.]

Some members of Facebook Nation are taking time off from the social network, or leaving it outright, after a contentious election that has left nerves frayed and tempers short.

“I need a breather for my personal sanity,” says Beth Swinson, 40, a stay-at-home mom of four in Charlotte, N.C., who voted for conservative third-party candidate Evan McMullin. Scathing comments from both sides and wide-scale misinformation left her “angry and frustrated.” She plans to take a month off from the social network.

“None of it is positive. It’s exhausting, and the election seemed to last forever,” says Donald Trumpsupporter Lydia Fielder, 49, who manages a social-media platform for paper crafting in Austin. She’s unfollowed all but 50 of her 2,033 Facebook friends.

Ben Galbraith, a Google executive who lives in Palo Alto, Calif., has vowed to skip Facebook until 2017.

“I’m seeing lots of posts that fill me with anger and require several moments of conscious relaxation to prevent me from writing something that I’ll regret. I’m tired of expending so much mental and emotional energy,” he says.

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