How the mainstream media destroyed itself, with a little help from Donald Trump

How the mainstream media destroyed itself, with a little help from Donald Trump
Destroyer of worlds? (Image via

[Ed. – This article makes for a nice postscript to this one by LU editor Howard Portnoy.]

Donald Trump didn’t just defeat Hillary Clinton.

He defeated a global media establishment that, with very few exceptions, was determined to destroy him. And it’s that media pile-on during the 2016 US presidential election that may go down as one of the biggest strategic backfires in history.

“It’s a rigged system, folks,” the billionaire was fond of saying. That perception was widely shared by the public, three quarters of whom believed the US media wanted Ms Clinton to win, according to a survey taken the week before the election.

Never before has a presidential candidate so explicitly declared war on journalists.

Earlier this month, Washington Post writer Breanne Deppisch tweeted a picture from a rally in Minnesota of a Trump fan wearing a shirt that read: “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required.”

A few days earlier, fellow Washington Post reporter Jose DelReal tweeted about an encounter at another Trump rally. “Me: ‘Hey guys, I’m a reporter with The Washington Post, mind if I …’. Star spangled middle aged man: ‘F*** you and The Washington Post.’”

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