Massive ‘doomsday’ fortress for superrich planned in tiny north Texas town

Massive ‘doomsday’ fortress for superrich planned in tiny north Texas town
(Map, image: Google)

[Ed. – I guess if the airport shootings start to get to you, and you have an extra $500K lying around for an entry-level pad, you’ve got an option to consider.  Kind of hate to be one of the poor souls in little Ector, Texas.  And yes — much of this delightful habitat will be underground.]

Sixty miles north of Dallas, far away from the constant roar of traffic, there’s something going up in rural Fannin County that’s generating buzz.

That buzz is not just among the residents in the nearby tiny town of Ector, Texas, but developers said it’s also among those who live as far away as Europe, even Australia.

Richie Whitt, communications director for the community said, “It’s going to be one of America’s most fun, most plush, and also one of its safest neighborhoods. It’s going to be a five star resort with DEFCON 1 preparedness.”

The 50 foot, solid marble statue and fountain, costing $3.4 million being built just off Highway 56 offers a peek of what’s to come where developers lure potential residents who may have a bunker mentality and are preparing for doomsday, yet still enjoy the lap of luxury.

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