‘I love digging’: 89-year-old man digs his own grave

‘I love digging’: 89-year-old man digs his own grave

For anyone passing St. Alexis church in Rollo Bay, P.E.I., one afternoon last summer, nothing seemed out of the ordinary about the small group gathered in the nearby cemetery.

The people were standing around, watching as a backhoe scooped up the red earth, and then lowered a pine box into the freshly dug grave.

But what made this scene extraordinary, was that the man operating the backhoe was actually digging his own grave.

Eighty-nine-year old Jimmy Kickham from Souris West, P.E.I., said it’s not so farfetched when you realize his back story — that he’s been digging for a living most of his life.

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Kickham owned his own construction company for more than a half-a-century, digging trenches for everything from sewer mains to underground utility wires.

“I love digging. Just one of those things that gets into your system. It’s just work. Money. No matter what they wanted dug, I could do it,” he said.

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