Trump to refocus EPA on pollutants, shift energy policy portfolio to – go figure – Dept. of Energy

Trump to refocus EPA on pollutants, shift energy policy portfolio to – go figure – Dept. of Energy

[Ed. – A thoughtful and non-stupid approach, even if it doesn’t get at the heart of the problem.  As long as America wants to keep a regulatory dictatorship, things will be better during the temporary periods when it’s being wielded by the non-insane.  Make no mistake: refocusing an agency and shifting a policy portfolio doesn’t fix the problem.  It just fences it off for a while.]

President-elect Trump’s plan to bring back the coal industry will likely start by scrapping the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate change agenda, according to a newly appointed member of his transition team.

The agency would be dialed back to focus strictly on “genuine pollutants” that pose immediate harm to public health, and not carbon pollution blamed for causing manmade global warming, said Kathleen Hartnett-White, a member of Trump’s economic advisory council, in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

“He’s very much for clean air and clean water,” she said. “But the better home for considering this discussion about carbon dioxide and climate is in the Department of Energy.” …

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She explained that regulating CO2 “is the killer for coal.” So, pulling back the two principal regulations directed at the coal industry will help that resource the most, she said. “The two direct regulations for new sources and for existing sources are both direct regulations, and are also the ones that I think have constitutional problems,” she said.

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