Students demand ‘sanctuary campuses’ to protect them from Trump

Students demand ‘sanctuary campuses’ to protect them from Trump

College students across the country are now demanding that their schools be converted into sanctuary campuses to protect illegal immigrants from President-elect Donald Trump’s vowed crackdown on immigration.

At Harvard University, for instance, “concerned” students and faculty presented a petition to the elite school’s administration in which they “urgently demand that you directly support our undocumented students.”

“President-elect Donald J. Trump now possesses the power to materialize his words with the support of our [C]ongress, making the repeal of vital immigration policies not only possible, but frighteningly plausible,” the petition asserts before going on to present a list of several demands to ensure the protection of illegal immigrants at Harvard.

Among the demands are calls for the hiring of a “full-time Assistant Dean under the Dean of Diversity and Inclusion” whose sole objective will be to “support the undocumented/DACA-mented students at the college.”

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