Mirage: Not one confirmed ‘hate crime’ since Trump’s election

Mirage: Not one confirmed ‘hate crime’ since Trump’s election
(Image: Screen grab of KCET video, YouTube)

There is no doubt that some people are behaving in a beastly manner since the election, but what’s striking is that most of the reports received by the SPLC are in the third person. And none of the reports have been confirmed.

This is important because there have been several violent incidents supposedly inspired by Trump’s victory. Hit and Run’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown explains most of these attacks either never happened or are hoaxes

  • A Muslim woman claimed that two men wearing Trump hats stole her wallet and ripped her hijab. Later, the woman admitted to having made up the story.
  • Another Muslim woman had her car stolen by two men who then made some unkind comments about Islam. Trump was never mentioned and it seems pretty clear the motive was car theft and not hate.
  • A gay man in Santa Monica was supposedly beaten up by Trump supporters. But the Santa Monica police say they received no such reports and no hospitals in the area reported any beatings of gay men.

There are other incidents that are questionable…

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