Hillary faithful petition for Electoral College to flip in December vote

Hillary faithful petition for Electoral College to flip in December vote

Liberals have lost faith in the Electoral College (EC), with Hillary Clinton having narrowly won the popular vote nationwide.

As petitions to abolish the EC whizzing across the Internet, over at the Huffington Postwe see this declaration blossom into a plan to use the Electoral College to overturn the election and install someone else as President:

The requirement here is modest: a small group of Republican electors must be persuaded to vote their conscience. No question that many of these are appalled at the prospect of a Trump presidency; surely a few are courageous enough to cast a vote for someone else. …

If neither party ends up with 270 votes, then the decision passes to the House of Representatives, and a vote in that chamber determines the winner. …

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Is this scenario even possible? Well, as everyone pushing it notes, 21 states don’t actually require their electors to vote for the pledged candidate, and the others mostly have laws that punish faithless electors, rather than preventing them from changing their votes. Michigan and Minnesota are the only states that automatically nullify the votes of renegade electors, and there is some debate in legal circles over whether any of the punitive laws could actually be enforced. …

The Huffington Post sneers dismissively that “Trump supporters will scream; there will likely be violence, and perhaps riots” if the Electoral College overturns the election.

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