Dems devastated at state level in 2016

Dems devastated at state level in 2016
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We all know how devastating the loss of the presidency is to Democrats, particularly when combined with Republicans holding the Senate and House.

But, it was equally bad, if not worse, for Democrats at the state level.

In the past 8 years Republicans have made devastating gains at the state level, taking over numerous state houses and other statewide offices, and state legislatures. …

This election cycle continued the trend. The Hill reports, GOP makes big gains at the state level:

Republicans expanded their ranks of governors, winning Democratic-held seats in Vermont, New Hampshire and Missouri. The party also made gains in state executive offices and in legislatures across the country.

By Wednesday morning, Republicans had won control of the Iowa state Senate, the Kentucky House and the Minnesota state Senate. …

If current results hold, Republicans will control 69 of 99 legislative chambers across the country. Democrats will control only 30, the same breakdown as before voters went to the polls.

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